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Hydrolyzed wheat gluten 82%

Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten with 82% protein on dry basis is a high valuable source of vegetable protein. It is used in many animal feed applications for young animals where solubility of the product is a key requirement. Wheat gluten are seperated from the starch trough a wet milling process, after which they undergo an enzyme or acid treatment in order to make the product soluble. Hydrolyzed wheat gluten is mainly used as a premium vegetable protein source in milk recipes for young animals.

Main characteristics of Hydrolized Wheat Gluten 82:

  • Non-GMO source of protein
  • Neutral flavor
  • Typical smell
  • High solubility


Main parameters

Moisture7 %
Protein (on dry basis)82 %
Crude fat6 %
Shelf life12 months

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