A sustainable nutrition source for humans and animals

The demand for healthy and sustainable nutrition, for humans and animals, rises. Aminola believes that high-grade vegetable ingredients, are the answer to that question. Worldwide, we are concerned with making sure that large volumes of high-grade vegetable ingredients are available. We do this for food-, feed- and industrial applications.

Global collaborations

We are collaborating with suppliers and logistical partners from all over the world. Together, we always find the right product that you are looking for, and we can also make sure to deliver your product at the right time, in the right place.

Global collaborations

Quality assurance

There should be no doubt about the quality of our products. Aminola is certified by BRC Agent & Brokers, GMP+ and SKAL Organic. With our quality assurances we aim high for the quality and food safety of all the ingredients that we deliver.

Quality assurance

Just-In-Time deliveries

We keep stocks close to our customers, in certified storages. By doing so, we ensure you to receive your delivery whenever you need it. With a smart stock management we respond to harvest- and currency fluctuations.

Way of work

As a supplier of high-grade vegetable ingredients, we carry a huge responsibility. We take that very seriously.


Andries, Operational Director at Aminola

Every day, our quality staff is committed to ensuring the quality of our products.

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Free advice

Are you wondering which ingredients are most suitable for your application? Or are you looking for a specific vegetable ingredient? Our employees are more than willing to think along!