We firmly believe in thinking ahead, anticipating on the requirements of tomorrow and coming up with the solutions today. This philosophy is the core of all cooperation’s with our customers, producers and service providers.

Satisfied customers

Our high-value plant-based ingredients combined with delivery reliability result into sustainable, future-proof solutions. We take all the time necessary to identify your exact needs, to be able to propose the best solution to your specific inquiry. Our services are organised from a customer-centric perspective. We can also respond to urgent requests. In the longer term, we are happy to make a proactive contribution and share our ideas on solutions and innovative ingredients that help your progress. Aminola highly values long-term partnerships both with you, and our partners. Read more about our way of work here.

Reliable producers

Aminola invests in long-term partnerships. Therefore, we select our producers based on our comprehensive quality approval programme, in which transparency and reliability are key aspects. Together with our producers, we critically examine and evaluate the production processes. This method leads to process optimisation to make sure we meet the demands of our customers. We also apply all possible measures to exclude any quality risks. We apply protocols that make any possible quality risk transparent, quantifiable and manageable. Together with our producers, we create sustainable and harmonised product flows.

Are you a producer of Aminola already? In that case, the description above should be familiar to you. If you are not a partner yet, but you do identify yourself with our company philosophy and you have interesting products to offer, we would be keen to come in contact with you.

Loyal service providers

Every single partner that contributes to our mission is of great value to us. Consequently, we prefer long-term partnerships with all our producers and service providers. Extensive cooperation is a guarantee for transparency and business insights, which helps us to serve our customers with excellence. Every day, we cooperate intensively to add distinctive value to separate Aminola from the competition. In this process, we make maximum use of individual skills and expertise. We invest in a growing network of service providers who share our values, where reliability and an excellent service are key aspects.