GMO-free, gluten-free and grain-free

Claims such as GMO-free, gluten-free and grain-free are becoming more widespread in the petfood industry. What is the best manner for you to respond to these claims? Aminola sees its task to identify these trends at an early stage and respond adequately to it. We engage in an on-going process of making new or novel plant-based ingredients available, to constantly expand our product range. In doing so, we make responsible choices and stand for a safeguarded quality.

What is the best response to new trends? For instance, how do you meet the growing demand for grain-free and gluten-free pet food? Please contact us for a solution tailored to your needs.

Current product portfolio for petfood

We have an extensive portfolio of proteins and carbohydrates that are interesting for the petfood sector. For example, pea protein, rice protein, tapioca starch and sweet potato pellets. View our full product range here.

Are the ingredients you are looking missing from this list? Contact us.  We are happy to contribute proactively by finding the solution for your specific inquiry.

Sustainable, safeguarded quality

Aminola selects its ingredients and producers for petfood with extreme care. Our vegetable ingredients are produced in a suitable manner along the entire supply chain. In this way, we contribute towards safeguarding the long-term availability of our ingredients. That defines sustainability at Aminola, a core value embedded in our company philosophy. We also apply strict standards in the areas of quality and transparency.

Aminola is BRC, GPM+ and SKAL ORGANIC certified. Click here for more information on our quality assurance programme.

Why Aminola

Aminola specialises in supplying high-value vegetable ingredients for manufacturers of petfood. Our core values are high quality products, long-term partnerships, and offering tailor-made services on which you can rely on. How do we live up to our promise? You can read more here.