Our mission

It is our mission to sustainably provide high-quality, plant-based ingredients in response to increasing global demands for natural, eco-friendly raw materials.

Our vision in practice

  • Our plant-based ingredients are subject to strict quality requirements
  • We match the demand and supply of global plant-based ingredients in the most efficient and affordable way possible
  • The healthy nature of plant-based ingredients is central to how we operate
  • We keep our ecological footprint as small as possible

Core values coming from our vision 


Aminola delivers quality. Together with you, we make sure both people and animals enjoy the best products. The quality and food safety of our products is guaranteed by our extensive quality assurance programme.


The reliability of our products and services is an important aspect for Aminola. We guarantee open communication, transparency, and clear agreements.


Not only does Aminola deliver excellent products but also an outstanding service. Our processes are flexible, so that we can serve you as good as possible.


Aminola chooses sustainability. By choosing plant-based ingredients, we are contributing to the transition to sustainable food. Our global logistics chain is also organised to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. By doing so, we minimise our ecological footprint.


Aminola knows its markets: how they are changing, and what motivates our customers and suppliers. Another part of our vision is that we believe that new insights, combined with our expertise from plant-based ingredients, forms the basis for innovation. We partner with various knowledge- and research institutions, such as Wageningen University and Research. We are contributing  to building a more sustainable future, and are very happy to advise about it.