Potato protein 80

Plant name:
Solanum tuberosum
  • Rich in amino acids
  • High digestibility
  • Favourable processing properties
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Product description

Potato protein 80 is rich in proteins, it has a balanced amino acid profile, and high digestibility. This together makes it an interesting plant-based substitute for animal proteins such as fishmeal and milk powder. The production process includes cleaning potatoes, steaming and peeling, then the starch is removed using a liquid process which results in a protein-rich slurry. This is dried and milled into a fine powder with good free-flowing properties and an aroma and flavour reminiscent of potato.

Potato protein is suitable for usage in a wide range of high-grade animal feed applications such as feed for young animals, piglets and calves, as well as poultry feed and pet food.

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Process Wet
Organic No
Gluten-free Yes
Grain-free Yes
Non-GMO Yes

Specific information

Moisture 8,0%
Protein 80,0%
Fibre 2,6%
Shelf life 12 months

Available as

Fine powder



Big Bag

Small bags