High-value plant-based ingredients for food

Aminola recognizes that the taste, functionalities and footprint of plant-based ingredients are key in formulating and producing commercially viable food concepts. By understanding your challenges and required ingredient functionalities in formulation and production, we can – together with our partners – develop and supply the plant proteins, flours, fibers and starches tailored to your needs.

Our portfolio

Check out our range of clean-label ingredients such as flours, concentrates, isolates, fibers and starches of yellow pea, lupin, fava and many more here. Please connect with us so that we can understand your products and processes. Together we will identify the plant-based ingredients that can be your solution.


Determining the right plant-based ingredient for your application is not an easy task. With our extensive knowledge of a wide range of ingredients on taste, nutrition, functionality, and footprint, our inhouse R&D team can join your product specialists to determine the best ingredients tailored to your needs. Whether it is sharing technical information, or facilitating the development process by sharing samples, together we create and commercialize the appealing, delicious and clean-label food of the future!


Driven by our ambition to contribute to a sustainable food system, at Aminola we proactively take our responsibility by calculating the footprint of all our ingredients. By doing this, we are able to compare and select the most sustainable ingredients into our portfolio, also we join forces with our strategic manufacturing partners to find ways to reduce the ingredient footprint.

Supply chain partner

Aminola selects its plant-based ingredients and strategic manufacturing partners with extreme care. The thoughtfully selected combination of ingredients from various crops and production methods results in a complementary portfolio with functionalities capable of answering to your challenges. In our role as supply chain partner we see it as our responsibility to facilitate you along the complete process from product development and ingredient selection until on-time delivery of raw materials in outstanding quality.

Why choose Aminola?

We are passionate about the future of our food system and the role that plant-based ingredients have in there. Through long-term cooperation with our supply partners based on transparency and shared values we ensure the availability of sustainable and high-quality raw materials now and in the future.