Native pea starch

Plant name:
Pisum sativum
Europe, Middle East, Asia
  • Rich in protein
  • Film and gel-forming properties
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Product description

Pea starch is a carbohydrate product that is rich in native starch and protein (14% typical value). The product is also rich in amylose, which promotes its gel-forming properties. Pea starch is produced by the mechanical dry separation of the part rich in starch. The product is then grinded into a yellowish granulate, flour or fine powder, which exhibits the characteristic aroma and flavour of peas. Pea starch is also available in pellet form.

Pea starch has excellent film and gel-forming properties, which makes it suitable for various applications in food and animal feed production.

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Process Dry
Organic No
Gluten-free No
Grain-free No
Non-GMO Yes

Specific information

Moisture 10,0%
Protein 12,6%
Starch 61,2%
Fat 0,9%
Fibre 2,7%
Ash 1,8%
Shelf life 12 monts

Available as

Fine powder



Big Bag

Small bags