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Native pea starch

Pea Starch is produced from Non-GMO yellow peas. The peas are dehulled, dried and ground to a fine powder. The product is processed and the starch is seperated from the proteins trough a dry fractionation, or decantation process. The results are a creamy pea starch powder, or pellet with ca. 60% carbohydrates, or a fine white powder with 99% carbohydrates. Both types have a neutral taste and are gluten free. Pea starch is especially suitable for young animal feed and petfood applications.

Main characteristics Pea Starch:

  • Non-GMO source of Starch
  • Gluten free
  • Neutral taste

Main parameters

Moisture10 % - 14 %
Carbohydrates60 % / 99 %
Protein12 % / 0.5 %
Shelf life12 - 24 months

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