Aminola’s quality guarantee

Guaranteeing a safe, high quality ingredient is one of the main pillars behind Aminola’s work ethic. By implementing a thorough risk management plan, on both a supplier and ingredient level, Aminola wants to differentiate itself in the supply chain. This systematic screening process ensures that all its ingredients conform to the strictest standards. Consequently, we aim to supply both a high quality product and a high quality service to our customers.

How Aminola guarantees its quality

Aminola evaluates the quality and potential risks of each supplier, and its products, individually and continuously. Aminola is BRCGS, GMP+, and SKAL (organic) certified. These essential, transparent systems are in place to ensure the traceability of its operations. Aminola aims to clarify the whole supply chain, which allows us to identify the involved risks before issues arise. Besides the requirements of the certifying institutes and EU legislations, Aminola also uses databases such as RiskPlaza and RASFF to thoroughly identify and minimize potential food- and feed-related risks. This is further supported by a comprehensive analysis plan.

Quality guarantee

Aminola is BRCGS, GMP + en SKAL (organic) certified

Additionally, a ‘positive release’ system is in place for imported ingredients. This system ensures that certain pre-determined risks are monitored on a batch level by accredited laboratories, while third-party inspection services are used to guarantee the traceability of the monitored ingredients. Only once all risks are considered controlled, will an import be initiated. By doing so, Aminola minimizes the chances of its customers receiving faulty or unsafe ingredients. Besides its own quality control, Aminola is also always open to discussing additional customer requests. This can include for example the addition of certain risk parameters or specific nutritional analyses to its monitoring program. This customized approach allows Aminola to deliver its ingredients as a complete package, with detailed information that fits its customer’s needs.

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