Food brings us back to the basics of our lives and is an essential part of our existence. Therefore the link to nature is the fascinating aspect of Aminola’s industry. We live in developed times. In spite of this, we still face global food issues.

Global food issues

Global food issues

Aminola was founded as an answer to global food issues

To find answers to the ever increasing food issues Aminola was founded. “We are tremendously triggered when shortages occur in certain ingredients somewhere. With our knowledge and skills, we look for the vegetable ingredients of the future. In doing so, we have developed into a valued player. This results in a large number of customers worldwide who we supply with high-quality raw materials. We do this by means of  exclusive partnerships with our producers. In this way we are able to have influence on the source, the production process and the production capacity”.

Quality assurance as a top priority

From the very beginning, the aim was to ensure the highest possible quality of our ingredients. As a result, that quality is woven into Aminola’s DNA. “Because we work with natural products, it can unexpectedly happen that an abnormality occurs. Nevertheless, we know how to reduce that to a minimum. If it does occur, Aminola takes absolute responsibility. Our customers need to know that they can trust us as a long-term partner”.

Increasing knowledge about character traits

Increasing knowledge about the character traits of vegetable ingredients makes it increasingly easy to replace animal proteins. This is done in numerous applications for humans, dogs, cats, cattle and farmed fish.

Vegetable ingredients as a solution for food issues

A final reason that vegetable ingredients are a solution to food issues is the aspect of ‘absolute sustainability’. After all, vegetable ingredients put a smaller footprint on our globe. For example, when we look at organic products. Or leguminous plants such as broad beans, peas, guar and lupine.  They absorb nitrogen from the air and need little fertilizer, which is why we think  they are very interesting ingredients to develop further. Learn more about leguminous plants here.

The future of Aminola

The next few years we will continue with our mission; making new, sustainable, vegetable ingredients available for both human and animal!

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CEO Dick van Beek

CEO Dick van Beek

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