Tapioca starch in food applications

Tapioca starch is used in a variety of foods such as: fruit pies, sauces, soups, puddings, breads, meat products and confectionary. It thickens at a low temperature and is stable after freezing. While it has a neutral taste and colour, it won’t affect the flavour and appearance of an end-application. Other gluten-free starches and flours such as buckwheat flour, potato starch or brown rice starch do sometimes change the flavour, colour or texture of formulas. Tapioca starch doesn’t alter flavour, and is thereby unique in its application.

Food applications

Food applications

Tapioca starch in petfood applications

In petfood, this starch is used because of its satisfying and uniform texture and shape for both pellets and dry applications. It is also a dense energy source and it acts like fibre which contributes to a consistent digestion.



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