Soy flour 50

Plant name:
Glycine max
South America, Middle East, Asia, Europe
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • Applicable as a protein- and energy source in food and animal feed
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Product description

Soy flour 50 is rich in nutrients and has an excellent amino acid profile. The soybeans are mechanically processed. After the oil fraction has been removed by extrusion and cold pressing, the remaining protein component (soy bean meal) is dried. This results in a light-brown product with a characteristic aroma and neutral flavour. Soy flour 50 is available as a pressed cake, flour or powder with the desired particle size of the customer (e.g. 200 microns). The product can be supplied either in conventional or organic form.

Soy flour 50 is widely used as a protein- and energy source in petfood or animal feed, and has also potential as an ingredient in food and pharmaceutical applications.

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Process Wet
Organic No
Gluten-free No
Grain-free No
Non-GMO Yes

Specific information

Moisture 8,0%
Protein 48,5% - 50,0% (on dry basis)
Fat 1,5%
Fibre 3,7%
Ash 7,3%
Shelf life 12 months

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