Rice cracker meal

Plant name:
Oryza sp.
Europe, Middle East, Asia
  • Virtually free of allergens
  • Highly digestible and soluble
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Product description

Rice cracker meal is an energy-rich carbohydrate product, and it is rich in pregelatinized starch. This makes it more soluble and easier to digest. Rice cracker meal is obtained during the manufacturing of rice crackers for human consumption. Rice crackers are produced by heating (puffing) rice, which creates a cracker. During production, rejected crackers are separated and grinded into a fine, greyish powder.

Rice cracker meal is especially suitable for use in pet food and animal feed for young and adult animals.

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Process Dry
Organic No
Gluten-free No
Grain-free No
Non-GMO Yes

Specific information

Moisture 8,0%
Protein 8,0%
Starch 70,0%
Fat 4,2%
Carbohydrates 70,9%
Fibre 1,4%
Ash 1,7%
Shelf life 6 months

Available as

Fine powder



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