Tapioca (Cassava) pellets

Plant name:
Manihot esculenta (also called cassava)
Middle East, Asia, South America
  • Source of gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates
  • Rich in starch
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Product description

Tapioca (Cassava) pellets are a source of carbohydrates, and rich in starch. The pellets are made from the roots of the cassava plant. The root is first chopped, then sun dried. The product is then turned into pellets so that it can be easily transported. The result is a greyish pellet with a characteristic flavour and aroma.

Tapioca (Cassava) pellets can be further processed in pet food and animal feed for young and adult animals. They are an excellent source of gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates.

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Process Dry
Organic No
Gluten-free Yes
Grain-free Yes
Non-GMO Yes

Specific information

Moisture 14,0%
Starch 65,0%
Fibre 5,0%
Silica 3,0%
Shelf life 12 months

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