Added value

At first, some customers do not have the possibility of grinding the product. Next to that, it makes it easier to use the ingredient in the production process. At last, it improves the digestibility for the pets and it promotes a better and constant end product.

Way of work

How does this work? The first step is to draw up specifications of a customer’s exact wishes in terms of the ideal coarseness. If these specifications are new to us, we first carry out trials on our production site to see if the desired particle size is technically possible. A sample of the grinded product will be sent to the customer for assessment. When everything is approved, the product is included in our manufacturing process which can supplied to the customer in several packaging options.

Tapioca pellets

A good example are crushed tapioca pellets. For reasons related to quality, this product is imported as a coarse pellet from our partner producer in Thailand. After arrival at our factory, the ingredient is grinded to sizes such as 30 mm, 5 mm and 2 mm, all in accordance with the most stringent quality requirements. The product is then stored in the desired packaging, and delivered to customers throughout Europe.

A great example of Aminola B.V. tailoring its work to meet customer requirements.

Source: van Beek, D. (16 september 2019)