Guar protein concentrate 55

Plant name:
Cyamopsis tetragonoloba
Middle East, Asia
  • Low anti-nutritional factors
  • Pleasant flavour and high digestibility
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Product description

Guar protein concentrate 55, also known as Roasted Guar Korma, is a high-value source of protein with a strong amino acid profile and a high energy content. Guar proteins also have excellent water and fat-binding properties. During production, the guar seeds are sieved to remove the hulls. This is followed by a heat treatment to reduce the typical smell and lower the anti-nutritional factors. Guar protein concentrate 55 is a fairly coarse, free-flowing granulate, but can also be supplied in a finer form as a flour or powder.

Guar protein concentrate 55 is an excellent source of protein in feed for ruminants, poultry and pigs, as well as aquafeed and pet food.

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Process Dry
Organic Yes
Gluten-free Yes
Grain-free Yes
Non-GMO Yes

Specific information

Moisture 6,0%
Protein 55,0%
Fat 6,0%
Fibre 3,5%
Ash 5,5%
Shelf life 12 months

Available as

Fine powder



Big Bag

Small bags