Responsibilities from a food sales manager

For the past three months, our food sales manager has been responsible for plant-based ingredients for applications in the food industry. As a result from her own belief that a (partial) transition to plant-based foods contributes to a sustainable future for our planet. Importantly, she brings extensive experience from various organisations in the food and pet food industry.

Erica van Boheemen

Erica van Boheemen

Discovering new product developments

When she is asked what brings satisfaction, she laughs a little. “Things such as new developments, along with new markets, products and segments. Also, working on products I am able to relate to, and ideally products I would like to eat. Admittedly, it is so much fun to find the end product in the grocery store containing our ingredient.”

Flexible customer approach

According to Erica, Aminola’s strength is its flexible approach to customer questions. “We are very effective, for example: a customer is looking for an ingredient and we make it available. In order to do so, we are maintaining our extensive production network and logistics partners. Besides, we are keeping our own storage close to customers. Hence, we can deliver in a timely manner.”

Wide range of plant-based projects

Why Aminola is a good choice to work for? “Importantly, I receive lots of independence to really put the food division on the map. It is a diverse, growing organisation too, where I get involved in the strategy-making.” Erica is occupied with a wide range of projects, from meat substitutes to plant-based dairy to sports nutrition.

The sales manager packages plant-based ingredients

The sales manager packages plant-based ingredients

Get in contact with our food sales manager

Aminola is a specialist in the high-quality plant-based field and likes to think along. Would you like to speak to Erica about what she is able to do for your application? Click here to get in touch with her.