Next to the biodegradable packaging, the demand for sustainable raw materials in other industrial applications is also increasing, such as energy products, adhesives and lubricants. High-value vegetable ingredients can offer a solution.

Plant-based ingredients for biodegradable packaging 

As a specialist in vegetable ingredients, Aminola closely monitors the prevailing trends in the industrial sector. We have an extensive portfolio of vegetable ingredients that are currently relevant for your sector, such as potato starch, corn starch, tapioca starch and guar gum. You can count on our delivery reliability, safeguarded quality, and sustainability.

If you require ingredients with specific properties, please contact us. We can also provide tailor made solutions .

Why choose Aminola?

Aminola specialises in supplying high-value plant-based ingredients for manufacturers of products used in industrial applications. Our core values are high quality products, long-term partnerships, and offering tailor-made services on which you can rely on. How do we live up to our promise? Please read more here.