Another compelling issue in the animal feed sector is sustainability. There is a growing consumer demand for transparency, and sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. There is a more urgent need to replace animal protein, a rising demand for non-GMO products and the popularity of organic animal feed ingredients is growing.

With its intimate knowledge of the agricultural sector and animal feed industry, Aminola is an important partner for animal feed producers. Aminola may not be the address for large volumes of bulk raw materials, instead our sphere of excellence is supplying high-value ingredients derived from plant and vegetable sources. Our ingredients are therefore widely used to produce animal feed for young animals, such as milk replacers for calves, goats and piglets. Another important application is the production of high-quality poultry feed. Our organic raw materials in particular are suitable for sector-wide application.


In addition to our extensive portfolio of plant-based ingredients and raw materials, we engage in an on-going research and development process to make as yet unknown or non-existent ingredients available for the world of the future. This process is naturally based on our core values: high quality (GMP+) and maximum availability. We like to involve our customers in this process. If you are interested in discovering what we can do for your world of the future, please contact us.

Do you produce compound feeds for young animals, such as calves, piglets or chicks? Are you equipped to respond adequately to the latest trends? For example, how do you intend to meet the growing demand for non-GMO ingredients? We are happy to share our thoughts with you!

Why choose Aminola

Why choose Aminola? Our specialisation in high-value plant-based ingredients for animal feed producers makes us the supplier of choice for companies that value high-quality products, enduring partnerships, and service provision you can rely on absolutely. How do we live up to our promise? Read more about our methods here.

What kind of products do we specialise in? Our portfolio includes a wide range of plant-based and vegetable proteins and carbohydrates that are currently relevant for your specific sector, such as pea protein, soy protein, guar protein meal, sunflower protein, and lupine protein. If you have a specific need, please contact us. We can also provide customised solutions.

If you are interested in a selection of our plant-based products for animal feed, click here.