Aminola’s portfolio of vegetable ingredients is composed out of value adding (protein) concentrates which are derived from grains, pulses, and vegetables. All products are dehydrated and vary in composition from powder, granulate and pellets. The vegetable feed ingredients have an extended shelf life and are especially suitable for young animal feed formulations, each product with its own characteristics. Aminola supplies the products in various packaging forms, like 25kg bags, 1000kg bigbags, and bulk.


Vegetable Proteins


Pregelatinized carbohydrates

  • Pregel corn flour
  • Pregel faba flour
  • Pregel oat flour
  • Pregel pea flour
  • Pregel potato flour
  • Pregel rice flour
  • Pregel sweet potato flour
  • Pregel tapioca flour
  • Pregel wheat four