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Soy protein concentrate (60%)

Soy Protein Concentrate 60 is a high valued protein rich feed ingredient. Soy Protein Concentrate is produced from peeled and defatted soybeans, which are further processed to a product, which is perfectly suitable to replace animal proteins such as fishmeal and dairy products. This powdered product is available in two varieties; GMO and Non-GMO. Soy Protein Concentrate 60 is widely used as an ingredient in aqua feed and in young animal feed applications like piglet feed and as a starter feed for poultry. Soy Protein Concentrate can also be offered in a finely grinded form for calve milk replacers.

Main characteristics of Soy Protein Concentrate 60:

  • Source of protein
  • Gluten free/Wheat free/Potato free
  • Neutral flavor
  • Typical smell

Main parameters

Moisture10 %
Protein on product basis60 %
Crude fat2 %
Shelf life24 months

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