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Potato Flakes

Potato Flakes are a side stream (byproduct) product released during the production of French fries from Potatoes. The potatoes are washed, steam peeled and sliced into French fries. The off-sized pieces are seperated and collected, after which they are dried and ground. Potato Flakes C is a light yellowish free flowing powder. The product contains a high percentage of native starch, which allows for good expansion and extrusion characteristics. Potato Flakes C are especially suitable for young animal and petfood applications.

Main characteristics Potato Flakes C:

  • Non-GMO source of Starch
  • Whole potato product
  • Neutral flavor
  • Typical smell
  • Good expansion and extrusion characteristics

Main parameters

Moisture10 %
Starch63 %
Carbohydrate79 %
Shelf life12 months

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