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Pea protein isolate (80%)

Our Pea Protein Isolate 80 is a 100% natural vegetable protein source. It is the concentrated natural protein fractions, extracted from yellow peas, and has over 80% protein on dry basis. Pea protein isolate 80 powder is Non-GMO, has a well-balanced amino acid profile (rich in lysine and arginine), is gluten free and low in anti-nutritional factors. Our Pea protein 80 is applied in piglet feed, aqua feeds, petfood, and as lacto-replacer.

Main characteristics Pea Protein Isolate 80:

  • Non-GMO source of protein
  • Gluten free/Wheat free/Potato free
  • Neutral tasting
  • Typical smell
  • Well balanced amino acid profile
  • Low anti-nutritional factors

Main parameters

Moisture 8 %
Protein on dry basis80 %
Crude fat3-5 %
Shelf life12 months

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