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Lupin protein concentrate (38%)

Lupin Protein Concentrate 38 is a concentrated flour which is produced out of gluten free, non-GMO sweet white Lupin Beans (Lupinus Albus). The beans are cleaned, dehulled, split, ground, and sieved.  Lupin protein concentrate is a yellow powder, with a typical taste. The product is supplied in a native or a toasted form and even can be supplied in an extruded form. It is especially suitable as an ingredient for young animal feed, aquafeed and for pet food applications.

Main characteristics of Lupin Protein Concentrate 38:

  • Non-GMO source of protein
  • Gluten free / grain free / potato free
  • Typical taste and smell


Main parameters

Moisture7.5 %
Protein on product basis38 %
Starch10 %
Shelf life12 months

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