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Aminola B.V. focuses entirely on vegetable ingredients

Barneveld, 13-11-2018

Today at EuroTier Aminola B.V. is launching a new tagline: ‘Aminola, vegetable ingredients’. Until recently, it was ‘Aminola, agricultural commodities’. This adaption reflects the company’s wish to clearly express its conscious decision to focus entirely on vegetable ingredients.

Dick van Beek, director and founder of Aminola: “We believe that vegetable ingredients are the answer to the growing demand for responsible, sustainable ingredients. For a number of years now, we have been focusing entirely on vegetable ingredients for the European animal feed industry. It was time to make that clear by changing our tagline.”

From start-up to international player
When Dick van Beek founded Aminola in 2013, the company was broadly involved in the import and distribution of agricultural raw materials. Van Beek quickly chose to specialize in delivering high-quality, sustainably available vegetable ingredients. Aminola looks after the entire process, from ensuring that the agricultural ingredients are produced under strict quality conditions worldwide right up to final delivery to its European customers. Aminola knows how to add direct value to this chain. Indeed, steering the entire process in the right direction is quite complex. But focusing on vegetable ingredients was nothing more than logical for Aminola: “In our view, vegetable ingredients are a sustainable alternative to many animal ingredients,” says Van Beek. In hindsight, it seems to have been a good decision. In only five years, Aminola has grown from a small business into an international player with a turnover of millions.

Attending EuroTier international trade fair
This week, the international ‘EuroTier’ trade fair is taking place in Hannover. Aminola is attending. Van Beek: ”This is the first time we are participating with our own stand at a trade fair. As one of the leading international trade fairs for the animal feed industry, EuroTier is a logical choice for us. From the start we’ve been active mainly in the animal feed market. And in recent years we have become an interesting supplier to young animal feed, dog and cat food, and to the fish feed industry. But nowadays more and more food manufacturers are finding us as well. We are very proud of that.

About Aminola
Aminola B.V. is a specialist in the import and export, production and distribution of high quality vegetable ingredients for the international food and feed industry. The company’s expertise resides predominantly in vegetable proteins to replace scarce and unsustainable animal proteins. In addition, Aminola has a wide range of vegetable carbohydrates in its portfolio, such as various (pregelatinized) flour and starch products.

Direct partnerships with global manufacturers and storage facilities in European warehouses enable Aminola to deliver plant-based ingredients exactly as the customer requests. Production and packaging can be adapted to the specific wishes of the customer. Aminola B.V. is BRC Agent & Brokers, as well as GMP+, and ORGANIC certified. With its excellent quality program that surpasses the applicable industry standards, Aminola guarantees the quality and food safety of all its ingredients.
For more information please contact:

Nadine Mess, Aminola Marketing & Communication,

Aminola B.V. Hermesweg 28A, 3771 ND Barneveld, The Netherlands,, +31854013622